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  • Kirsten

Ethnicity Pay Gap Reporting

Ethnicity pay gap reporting would provide valuable data to support work to close the pay gap. In the same way that gender pay gap reporting has allowed for a continued focus on the issue and work to help close the gender pay gap (still more to do!), ethnicity pay gap reporting would allow us to make this important progress. After all, we should all expect to be treated fairly at work.

Indeed, moves to ethnicity pay gap reporting are supported widely in large organisations, by managers, as surveyed by the Chartered Management Institute, and by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development among others, but companies would need parameters and a framework from government to allow proper measuring and benchmarking.

Unfortunately the UK Government is dragging its feet, and perplexingly suggest they're happy to hear from those who are doing this, conveniently ignoring the fact that anyone with issues is unlikely to highlight or tackle them unless they are obliged to as part of a structured framework. Until we understand the detail and extent of the issue, we are not in a position to resolve it.

I made some of these points in this Westminster Hall debate on ethnicity pay gap reporting.


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