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  • Kirsten

The UK Government's hostile environment is damaging to Scotland

The UK Government's hostile environment is damaging to Scotland. The Tories either don’t understand or don’t care about the devastating impact their obsession with Brexit and hostile, anti immigration policy is having on Scotland's industries economy and life - either way, it is a disgrace.

Labour offer zero alternative, as a pro-Brexit and anti-immigration party, and it's Scotland that's left to pay the price for Westminster’s toxic ideologically-driven Brexit obsession.

Leading experts agree, warning that Westminster immigration policies are threatening Scotland's economy, universities and industry.

Academic Professor Wendy Alexander has highlighted a new report showing the economic impact of students from overseas studying in Scotland was worth approximately £4.75 billion and said the UK Government 'has spent the last nine months threatening to put this success at risk', while NFU Scotland’s Horticulture Chair Iain Brown said 'the Home Office has consistently failed to understand the challenges that the industry faces around sourcing labour' and underlined that the industry 'need the government to move away from anti-migration politics and rhetoric.'

Westminster is not working for Scotland.


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