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  • Kirsten

Giffnock Bowling Club

A pleasure as always to be part of the formalities surrounding the opening of the greens at Giffnock bowling club for the coming season. Lovely to be asked to contribute.

The persistent rain meant that there was no play today, aside from the ceremonial opening, because the greens would have likely been damaged by this. They look fabulous though, so there’ll be good playing when things dry up a bit!

Of course the afternoon ended up being sunny, which was a very marked change from earlier in when the opening took place under ominously grey skies!

Despite the weather this was a wonderful afternoon of friendship, chat, fun and games. I’m very grateful to have been asked to be part of the opening of the greens, and I wish everyone at Giffnock and all our East Ren bowling clubs all the best for the coming season.


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