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  • Kirsten

Yom HaShoah

This evening, I attended a virtual Yom HaShoah event organised by the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council. As well as beautiful singing from the Calderwood Lodge Primary School choir, and a number of important contributions, we heard the most thought provoking and moving testimony from Noemie Lopian, daughter of Holocaust survivors, and Derek Niemann, grandson of a Nazi.

It is so very important to remember, and in particular to remember the individual lives snatched away. We should never think of this in simply numeric terms, but it is nonetheless stark and chilling to reflect that more and 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis. That is significantly more people than the entire population of Scotland.

One of the reasons why remembering is so vital is that we must do everything we can - each one of us - to prevent this happening again. I was very moved by all I heard, and struck by Noemie's focus on us celebrating our differences, and Derek's advice to seek out people who are not like you. That is something we can all do, and all be the better for doing.

I am very grateful to the organisers and all who contributed to this important Holocaust Memorial event.


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