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Yesterday, I spoke about the situation in Yemen. This is an area of the world which I have spoken about often, because the people living there endure the most hellish conditions anywhere on earth. They are in the midst of a protracted civil war, disease is rife, there is famine, children are in the most desperate situations, and environmental catastrophe looms because of a broken down oil tanker off the coast which threatens to pollute the seas in the most devastating way.

Meanwhile they have Covid running rampant, and the donations to support - even a little - their wellbeing are drying up. There is simply no other country in the world in this desperate and worsening state.

Humanitarian aid is difficult to manage, because of the war, but must be a continued priority. And as well as calling for an urgent cease fire, the UK Government must stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen where civilians are paying this terrible price. It is inexplicable to me that they continue to do this. There is absolutely no justification for continuing down this road, and it is to their great shame that this is happening.


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