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Yell Limited EDM

I have tabled an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons raising the concerns of small businesses about Yell Ltd, which trades as

This was raised with me by Lynne Wilson of Barrhead, a self-employed language tutor who has spent hundreds of pounds with Yell, but received not a single enquiry. Lynne is locked into a contract that produces zero benefits in return for an exorbitant monthly sum.

Lynne highlighted the work of the 'I hate' Facebook Group and a report produced by Danny Richman, of that group, which you can find at this link.

The report shows that Lynne is not alone in her experience. Yell is living off the well-established reputation of Yellow Pages, but not living up to that reputation. That has to change.

The evidence brought together by Danny Richman and the I Hate Facebook Group deserves a much wider hearing, which is why I submitted this motion. You can see a report produced by Danny here:…/16AUAcPtFSHsfXSatTvABhpzWAD…/view


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