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  • Kirsten

Westminster Fireworks Debate

Once again, we have debated the use of fireworks at Westminster, in the context of concerns people have raised regarding fireworks let off outwith formal events.

Very sensible points were made regarding the impact upon animals - both domestic pets and other animals, who can be terrified, and unable to comprehend what is happening.

In addition, I raised issues which constituents had spoken to me about, where there were real difficulties in unpredictable fireworks causing distress to family members.

I speak to few people who object to organised displays for specific purposes, but many who are deeply concerned by the sale and use of fireworks by private individuals.

I do welcome Scottish Government work going on to try and minimise the disruption and worry caused by fireworks, but because the use of fireworks is a devolved issue, whereas the sale of fireworks is reserved, there remain restrictions on what can be done in practice. I hope that the calls today to deal with this are heeded, and that our pets- and local residents - experience fewer disrupted nights caused by unregulated use of fireworks.


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