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  • Kirsten


The WASPI women have been vindicated by the Ombudsman report and the UK government now need to step up and issue an immediate apology, alongside fair and fast compensation, to women affected by the change in the state pension age.

The Tories should also swiftly get into line to back the Private Member's Bill tabled by my colleague, Alan Brown MP, which would force them to publish proposals for a compensation scheme.

Women born in the 1950s have been betrayed by the Tory government and deprived of pensions they were entitled to.

This saga has run on for far too long – it’s time for the UK government to put an end to this serious injustice by issuing an immediate apology and fair and fast compensation to all women who were affected.

If the UK government decides to ignore the report and carry on casting these women aside then Parliament must step in to hold the Tories to account and ensure that these women see justice.

The SNP has long fought for the UK government to rectify this shambles and give these women the pension they rightfully deserve, and we will continue to do so.


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