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  • Kirsten

Urgent Question: 5/5/20

Having applied for every opportunity to contribute, I was pleased today to make my first appearance in the virtual House of Commons chamber. This was in an Urgent Question session in relation to the UK Government response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

I asked Matt Hancock about the contact tracing app being developed by the UK Government. I think it is important to understand and be confident about the use of data in relation to the app, because people will only use it when they are confident, and it would be important that it can work alongside and interface with the Scottish approach to contact tracing, based on the public health tracing approach.

I was interested by his statements on sharing the app code, but I look forward to hearing more detail on how the data aspects of this plan are anticipated to work, and how it is planned that knowledge and confidence can be built in terms of the measures being taken to keep us all safe.


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