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  • Kirsten

Update on WASPI Campaign

Important update for WASPI women, a group of 1950s born women who have been sorely mistreated by this UK Government, with their pensions having been snatched away from under their noses. often without so much as a word of warning.

The Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman has issued a report exposing multiple failings and instances of maladministration by the Department for Work and Pensions over a prolonged period of time.

The report is damning of the DWP’s handling of communications relating to State Pension age increases, essentially finding that Ministers continued to take the same action despite knowing it wasn’t working and that women were being left in the dark about their retirement. This is exactly what WASPI women have always said.

These women have experienced such unfair treatment, and to have this now acknowledged by the Ombudsman is an important step forward.

There is an urgency for the PHSO to conclude the next stages of their investigations, given that these women have been robbed of the retirement they deserve and indeed some of them have even died while waiting for progress. I hope that swift progress can therefore be made, and that these women can finally see a sensible outcome.


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