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UK Government Refuse Brexit Support for Scottish Economy

Today I asked the Secretary of State for Scotland about the significant impact Brexit is having on our economy, with Brexit-induced labour shortages having a real impact on several sectors of the Scottish economy, with Social Care, hospitality, and food and drink among the worst hit.

For some, the impact has been catastrophic, with up to a third of Scotland’s harvest of some crops left to rot in the fields.

These are direct consequences of this UK Government’s hard Brexit deal and ideological decision to abruptly end freedom of movement.

The Secretary of State knows the EU provided over a billion Euros in Brexit support to Ireland. So, I asked him if he would back Scotland’s employers, and support a compensation fund to mitigate the Brexit damage inflicted on Scotland against our will.

Short answer: No, he will not. Brexit is bad for Scotland but the Westminster Tory Government will plough on regardless.


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