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  • Kirsten

Turban Tandoori

So many of our local businesses are thinking of others even while they are having such challenges themselves.

I know of many generous and helpful offers of support to our community, to NHS and care staff, and to those working to keep us safe.

A huge well done and thanks to the Turban Tandoori who stepped in to provide food for a lot of folk who could do with a bit of support right now.[0]=68.ARAGMFK4Nxmjt7pPk7g2QcIvc9lnplDpIq1hEPFfvAsQ3vb_Z8HaT7fxOvSavOl5_IhR-tKhSkzcIlqmmwfKOIyAwkYWKRtv9ISwnk_bqikZ007WJBBIK7FKGZQYS2ijS6HATYe9xsuo19ccrceBO9jwQg-pxRmA89R2suBtDyUOvJGV1ZYlvf76HWXK2NE9TMyZb8MHmjWJnJe3lKOGCXC24qesvOxskozHZnJ0qAfVMjeS61xQjq_UKSIJ2Ywa4JigTCAZAnQiHmlR6lAuXQRrMH8PLadriSZX37y2hlYN6YltzKSkreeV2RCRWu_rGqheQeYgT2YCbXrCFxuY8Q&__tn__=-R

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