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  • Kirsten

TSB closures

I am extremely unhappy to hear from TSB that they intend to close their Thornliebank Branch. This is yet another bank branch closure facing people in East Renfrewshire, who have already been so badly affected by banks closing in our communities.

I will be making contact immediately with TSB to ask that they look again at this decision, which will impact our most vulnerable residents and make life even harder for already pressed local businesses.

You can see the email I received below. I do not consider it helpful to suggest that Shawlands is a suitable alternative location for someone to do their banking. This is unlikely to work for many people. The cynicism of telling me this is based upon reduced footfall during the current period is deeply disappointing. We need banks on our high streets, and it is profoundly disappointing that they propose to pull out now, at this most difficult time for our local shopping areas.


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