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The SNP has said "no one in Scotland can ever trust a word the Tories say again" - as the full extent of Tory lies and broken promises is exposed ahead of the vote on Boris Johnson’s hard Brexit deal.

Publishing new research on ten of the biggest Brexit lies told by Boris Johnson and Scottish Tory MPs, Kirsten Oswald MP said the Tories are “guilty of a pack of lies, false claims and broken promises, which have now been utterly exposed” by the devastating reality of Brexit.

The Tory lies and broken promises include false claims that:

The UK’s participation in Erasmus would be protected - LIE

There would be no special deal for Northern Ireland and no checks at the border - LIE

The UK would have complete control over fishing - LIE

The UK would be safer and more secure outside the EU - LIE

VAT would be scrapped on energy bills - LIE

Working people would be better off and wages would be higher - LIE

“Red Tape” would be cut - LIE

The UK would have an extra £350million a week to spend - LIE

Voting against independence would protect Scotland’s EU membership - LIE

The SNP Westminster Deputy Leader said the hard Tory Brexit deal would cause long-term damage to the economy at the worst possible time - and said the only way to protect Scotland’s interests and place in Europe is to become an independent country.

Analysis shows Scotland's economy has already lost billions from Brexit, with the Warwick study estimating Scotland had lost £3.94billion by July 2020. Scottish Government analysis estimates the kind of hard Brexit being imposed by Boris Johnson could cut Scotland's GDP by 6.1% - costing Scotland more than £9billion, the equivalent of £1,600 for every person, by 2030 compared to EU membership.

Commenting, SNP Westminster Deputy Leader Kirsten Oswald MP said:

“Boris Johnson’s extreme Tory Brexit deal is a disaster for Scotland, which will cause long-term damage to jobs, businesses and the economy at the worst possible time.

“The Tories are guilty of a pack of lies, false claims and broken promises, which have now been utterly exposed by the cold hard reality of the devastating Brexit deal we face. No one in Scotland can ever trust a word the Tories say again.

“Scotland has been completely ignored by Westminster throughout the Brexit process - and we are now being forced to pay a heavy price for Tory lies and incompetence. We know this hard Tory Brexit has already cost the UK billions, and it could cut Scotland’s GDP by 6.1% - costing us £9billion or the equivalent of £1,600 for every person in the country.

“Every major Tory Brexit claim has been exposed as a lie. The UK government’s own analysis shows we will be much poorer and worse off as a result of Brexit - not better off as they claimed. We’ll have our EU benefits stripped away even though they said we’d keep them. Businesses will face added costs, red tape, bureaucracy and barriers to trade - hitting our economy hard.

“The Tories including Boris Johnson and Jackson Carlaw promised we would stay in Erasmus but they have taken us out. The Tories said Scotland wouldn’t be at a competitive disadvantage to Northern Ireland but we know that’s not true. They said there would be no checks at the border - but that’s nonsense, and they’ve broken all of the big promises they made to our fishing communities, who have said this deal is a betrayal.

“Boris Johnson is infamous for making false claims but leading Scottish Tories are also breaking their word. Douglas Ross has ignored his own red lines on fishing and reneged on his commitment to oppose this deal. Alister Jack, David Duguid, and other Scottish Tory MPs have done the same. Baroness Ruth Davidson and David Mundell said they would resign rather than back a deal that created different arrangements for Northern Ireland - but she was given a peerage and they have stayed quiet. Scotland will not forget this massive Tory sell out - the Scottish Tories must be held to account at the election in May.

“Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU. The SNP will reject this damaging Tory hard Brexit and stand up for Scotland’s place in Europe. It is clearer than ever, that the only way to protect Scotland’s interests, and regain the full benefits of EU membership, is to become an independent country.”

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