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  • Kirsten

This Tory chaos needs to stop.

This Tory chaos needs to stop. Infighting, rammies in the lobbies (really), Ministers and Prime Ministers being dropped in as if they're on a rota, and all the while they are ignoring the utter shambles they are making of the things that impact on people's lives. The impact on mortgage payments for instance will be felt for years thanks to Liz Truss and her fantasy economics.

It was right that she went, but just switching in yet another Tory PM we have not voted for - remember Scotland has not voted for a Tory Govt since 1955 - is ludicrous. The people should decide, not the Torty party.

And this dysfunctional Westminster psychodrama certainly shows all too clearly why we need independence so that we can make our own choices and never again have this kind of Westminster chaos visited upon us.


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