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  • Kirsten

The UK Government must tackle all forms of extremism

It is important that proper measures are in place to protect us all from terror and extremism. The review of PREVENT which was commissioned some time ago, and has been further delayed by the coming and going of various Prime Ministers, does not have the breadth of focus it should. It is also in danger of marginalising some communities.

Proper measures must be in place to recognise all forms of terror - and we need to consider some of the changes in the world around us since this review was commissioned.

Measures to keep everyone safe are important and needed, and that means both engaging with all communities to allow all communities to be protected, and recognising the changing and additional nature of threats.

With colleagues Sir David Amess and Jo Cox having been murdered in recent years, it's also worth remembering their loved ones, just like the loved ones of all affected by terror attacks, when we discuss these issues.


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