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  • Kirsten

The UK Government Must Step Up on Menopause in the Workplace

The UK Government has this week dismissed the findings of the Women and Equalities Select Committee whose report on Menopause and the Workplace arrived at a number of constructive suggestions to ensure that workplaces do not lose talented and productive employees through lack of support, and women do not feel forced to leave work if they experience significant difficulty during menopause. The Chair of the Committee, herself a Tory MP, described the UK Government progress as glacial and its response complacent. I asked the Minister to change tack and commit to acting, or to devolve employment law so we can look at this ourselves. To nobody's surprise, she sidestepped the whole issue and asked me to look at a health report instead (I already have). Menopause does have significant health implications, but it's also an issue that affects all areas of life, including work. It's a shame she can't recognise that and act.

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