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  • Kirsten

The UK Government must do more to tackle authorised push payment fraud

I brought a debate to the Commons regarding Authorised Push Payment Fraud, having helped a constituent deal with this horrible crime. APP Fraud can take many forms and is an increasingly sophisticated industry, with scammers coming up with ever more creative ways to try and steal our money.

Banks have responsibilities in this scenario, and codes they have signed up to follow so they can support those who have through no fault of their own, been victims of theses APP Frauds. I was pleased to hear the Minister responding to my debate confirm that she agreed with me that the banks need to step up a bit here, and they can't allow people to fall through the cracks, by failing to follow their own codes of practice.

Much more needs to be done to try and stop these hugely lucrative scams, and more action is needed by banks to swiftly resolve when they do happen.


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