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  • Kirsten

The UK Government Must Do More to Improve Animal Welfare

The UK Government has dropped it's commitment to the Kept Animals Bill. I made clear in the Commons what a poor decision I believe this to be.

This Bill being jettisoned means we have no guarantee of action on puppy or kitten smuggling, banning of Foie Gras, import of fur products, banning the keeping of primates as pets, as well as specific actions to support the welfare of livestock and pets.

No logical reason lies behind this move, so it's easy to see why concerns exist that this change of tack is all to do with appeasing Tory backbenchers, who don't want to see action on hunting, or moves to stop the import foie gras or fur. I'm grateful that the Scottish Government has acted to make sure loopholes in relation to hunting are closed here, even if the Westminster Government has not got the backbone to take similar action.

It's no wonder this reversal is seen as a betrayal of their warm words on animal welfare, with farmers, pet lovers, and animal charities among those stepping up in huge numbers to condemn this move.


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