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  • Kirsten

The Tory's retained EU law bill is a power grab on Scotland's Parliament

What a guddle the Tories are in with their humiliating u-turn on the sunset clause on the Retained EU Law (REUL) Bill. The Secretary of State was under fire from all sides of the House of Commons Chamber earlier, but as ever she simply could not see that she could be wrong and maybe everyone else might have a point.

As things stand, I remain deeply concerned that the Bill still gives Westminster power to change devolved REUL without Holyrood's consent. It also still enables a devastating race to the bottom on workers' rights, food standards etc

Basically, the amendment by the UK Government does nothing to address the powers in the Bill for UK Ministers to act in areas devolved to Scottish Ministers without consent or scrutiny by the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish Parliament has made its views clear, having already voted in favour of a motion calling on UKG to withdraw this Bill. That's simply the only way to eliminate all of the risks posed by the this damaging and anti democratic legislation.

Again, this is a clear example of why Scotland's best suture is as an independent country within the EU.


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