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  • Kirsten

The Market Place

Always a good day when you can drop into The Market Place at Voluntary Action in Barrhead or at The Avenue in Newton Mearns.

Stopped in at the Barrhead Marketplace earlier on, and as well as lovely coffee and chat, it was great to meet Colin Laidlaw and Ross Kelly of Prevention Services which is part of the local trading standards team. They were speaking to folk about how to avoid scams, from phone calls to rogue traders and all kinds of other things.

I know from my own caseload what horrible difficulties can be caused for folk who fall foul of these scammers and it was brilliant to see Colin and Ross busy engaging with other customers and making sure they had all the best information help them avoid being victims.

You can read more about their work and support here: and please never hesitate to contact me if I can help with any issue of concern.


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