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THE FUTURE OF WORK DEBATE: 20th November 2020

I secured a debate on the Future of Work, which is of critical importance as we move through the pandemic. There can be no return to 'normal' and in fact the status quo wasn't OK for a great many people before Covid, so it won't be OK afterwards either.

This is the opportunity to look at how we want the future of work to be. We need to look into the appropriate and helpful use of technology, the potential for a different working week, remote and hybrid working, consider the real value and importance of the frontline jobs which have kept us safe and fed over recent months, and think about how we can make work fairer and more sustainable for everyone.

It's not just politicians looking at this - it's widely appreciated that we need to act. Organisations including the Institute for the Future of Work CIPD, Chartered Management Institute, and the STUC are all examining how technology, fairness and work can best be moved forward.

The work of the Social Justice Commission will be instructive in looking forward in this way, and we need to commit to doing so, to ensure that we can take this opportunity to make a fairer, more sustainable work a reality in coming years.


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