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  • Kirsten

Supporting Sports and Activity

Nicola Sturgeon has unveiled SNP plans to double funding in sports and active living to ensure everyone in Scotland can benefit from sport and physical activity.

If re-elected, the SNP will:

Invest £60m in renovating every play park - across the country.

Increase investment in sport and active living to £100m - by the end of the parliament. Create a ‘Fan Bank’ - to empower communities and groups who do not have access to capital to acquire a share or control of their local sports club.

Give free bikes to all children of school age who can't afford them - and make loans and grants available for the purchase and repair of pedal cycles for everyone else.

Deliver a new national activity plan - to break down barriers, financial or otherwise, which prevent some people from leading more active lives.

Undertake a review of investment in sport - to ensure it benefits men and women equally, potentially posting funding for women’s sport.


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