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Supporting our Carers and the Most Vulnerable

It is a tale of two governments - the contrast between the UK government and their bedroom-tax, two-child-cap, rape-clause approach to benefits, and SNP's commitment to ensure dignity, fairness and respect remain at the heart of Scotland's social security system could not be starker.

If re-elected, the SNP will introduce further measures to support carers and tackle fuel poverty, including:

Awarding a double payment of Carers Allowance Supplement this year, worth £460, in recognition of the extra burden the pandemic has placed on carers.

Introducing an improved Carers Assistance payment to replace carers allowance. It will pay a further £10 per week to those who are caring for more than one disabled person, and increase the period of paying the benefit when a carer loses someone they have cared for from 8 weeks to 12 weeks.

A new Winter Heating Payment for older people, replacing the UK winter fuel payment. The payment will maintain current rates and not be subject to means-testing. It will help around 1 million households and is backed by around £180m a year.

In addition, the £25 Cold Weather Payment, which is unreliable and can pay out infrequently, will be replaced with a new stable annual £50 Winter Heating Payment to low-income households currently eligible for Cold Weather Payments. This £20m investment will benefit around 400,000 households.

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