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  • Kirsten

SupER Kids Christmas Fun Day

Huge thanks to the brilliant team at Sup-ER-kids for inviting me along to one of their wonderful Christmas family fun days. This club which provides activities and events for children with additional support needs is amazing, and it's impossible to convey just what a difference they make by all they do.

The volunteers at the heart of the club's work are motivated by the wish to include, involve and support their children, and it was wonderful to see all the children and young people having such a fantastic time. A great variety of activities and spaces were provided, and it was evident how well that worked and how much fun and enjoyment was being had by all in attendance.

The Sup-ER-kids themselves, the families, volunteers, staff, helpers and supporters are all changing lives, and it is always excellent to catch up with their work which I support wholeheartedly A special thanks to Claire who took time to show me all that was going on.


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