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  • Kirsten

Starmer Reaffirms Tory Hard Brexit Position. SNP Now Only Main Pro-EU Party In Scotland.

The SNP has said both the Tories and Labour have "recklessly endangered Scotland's economy" by acting to impose a hard Brexit on the country against its will.

On today’s Andrew Marr show, Keir Starmer once again reaffirmed his backing for Brexit after saying he doesn’t think “there is a case for re-joining the EU”. Last month, while the SNP called for the UK government to see sense and agree a much-needed extension to the Brexit transition period to avoid the damage and disruption we are seeing now, the Labour leader backed Boris Johnson in refusing this.

The SNP is now the only main pro-EU party in the UK that is standing up for the people of Scotland and working to realise their wish to be a part of the European Union. In 2016, Scotland voted decisively to remain within the EU.

With both the Tories and Labour are signed up to a hard Brexit and seemingly content with having endangered Scotland’s economy and future, there is no doubt that independence is the only way to protect Scotland's interests and secure its place in Europe. Aside from the SNP, none of the main parties in Scotland or the UK will offer a route back to the EU for Scotland.

Many Labour supporters across the UK will be disappointed. At least in Scotland we have another option with the SNP – which is now the only main political party fighting for Scotland’s wish to be within the EU.

Scotland has been completely ignored by Westminster throughout this whole Brexit process. It is beyond reckless that we now face long-lasting harm to jobs, living standards and the economy – all because of the actions of two parties that Scotland did not vote for.

We have the right to determine our own future. The only way to protect Scotland's interests and secure our place in Europe is to become an independent country."


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