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The abject failure of the Chancellor to do what is needed at his Spending Review today is damaging and singularly fails to protect those most in need.

They're threatening Scotland's recovery by wasting millions on a Brexit festival while slashing workers pay, blocking the powers of devolution, cutting aid to the world's poorest, and failing to take the action needed to stimulate a strong, fair, green recovery.

And amidst this, yet again, the Chancellor has failed to stand up for the WASPI women, whose pensions have been kicked down the road by the Tory Government, with notification and notice in short supply. They suggest - very reasonably - that he could sort their pensions, and they could finally, belatedly, retire, freeing up much needed jobs. When I asked him about this, he 'mis-spoke' saying the issue was settled because of a court case. I am sure the Chancellor realises this is simply wrong, and I will continue to press him to reconsider.


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