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  • Kirsten

Social Justice and Fairness Commission Debate

Yesterday, I led a debate at Westminster on the excellent work of the Social Justice and Fairness Commission, a body which prodiuced a thougtful and forward looking report on how we can make Scotland fairer, develop sustainable and constructive ways to deal with the future of work, social security and social issues. I will post more on the debate later.

I was astonished when the UK Government MInister responding to my debate, said, when I pressed him on the disgrace that is the Rape Clause (He prefers to call it the Non-consensual Sex Exemption, but of course non-consensual sex is rape) he suggested this was al about life choices.

No woman makes a life choice to be raped. No woman should have to disclose the circumstances of conception - sharing the details of rape - in order to try and secure tax credit payments in respect of third or subsequent children.

This is wrong, No governemnt should support this. It is defending the indefensible, and the Tories should be utterly ashamed.


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