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  • Kirsten

SNP Women's Manifesto

The pandemic has had a disproportionate impact upon women, and part of the SNP election manifesto focusses on how we will support women through the covid recovery, including improving health outcomes and economic opportunities.

If re-elected, the SNP will:

Create a £50m Women’s Business Centre - to support women looking to start or grow their business.

Continue funding the SNP Government’s Women Returners Programme - and build flexible and family-friendly working into our Fair Work First Programme, learning lessons from working practices during the pandemic to make it easier for women - particularly single parents - to return to work.

Expand free childcare and build a wraparound childcare system - with those on the lowest incomes paying nothing.

Introduce a Women’s Health Plan - aimed at improving services for women and tackling health inequalities, across a wide range of issues.

Take action to make streets safer for women - for example working with stakeholders on how to better educate men about the impact of their behaviour, and exploring how we design communities, such as Space Safety Audits.

The way to secure these important steps is to make it both votes SNP on 6th May.


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