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  • Kirsten

SNP MPs: Foreign Secretary's incompetence could cost abandoned Scots their lives

Like MPs in every corner of the country, I have constituents, with numbers growing by the day, in touch to tell me they are stranded in far flung corner of the globe, and cannot get home. Through no fault of their own, they have been left with no flights, struggling with accommodation and food, and some with a lack of medication.

When I asked the Foreign Secretary about this, and urged him to work with others to get folk home, he was full of warm words, as you can see.

When I wrote to him last week, I pointed out the grave difficulties facing the people who are stranded and the lack of options they had in terms of getting home under their own steam. I asked him to act and get them home.

I am grateful to colleagues who are today, keeping up the pressure, in the Herald, for Dominic Raab to act. We cannot in all conscience wash our hands of folk all over the world, who have been trying, some for weeks, to return home. We need him to move on this, now.


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