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Responding to yesterday's votes on the Internal Market Bill in the House of Lords, SNP Depute Westminster leader Kirsten Oswald MP said:

“The fact that the majority of the Lords amendments have gone through – again – shows just how outrageous this power-grabbing Internal Market Bill is. The Lords agree with us that this attack on devolution must be stopped.

“The Tory government chose to ignore the Lords’ amendments the first time round and reinsert law-breaking and devolution damaging clauses to the Bill - this shows the sheer contempt it has for devolution, democracy and the rule of law.

"I am urging MPs from across the House to support the Lords' amendments upon their return to the House of Commons - to stop the UK government undermining and overriding the democratic decisions of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Parliaments.

“And it is astonishing that Labour sat back and allowed the Tories to plough ahead with this Trojan horse bill by failing to support amendments on direct spending and state aid. For all their talk on supporting and extending devolution, Labour failed to lift even a finger to stand up for the devolved nations this evening.

“The SNP has been consistently clear that this Bill is an affront to democracy and does nothing but isolate the UK further – it has to go.

“Scotland can do so much better than this out-of-touch Westminster system where neither the Tories or Labour are capable of acting in our interests. The only way to protect Scotland’s future is by becoming an independent country inside the EU.”


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