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SNP back pensions triple lock

The Scottish National Party (SNP) marked the international day of older persons at the weekend by backing the triple lock on pensions and calling for Westminster parties to unequivocally do the same.

The pledge, which was a Conservative manifesto commitment, ensures the state pension increases by whichever is highest between September's inflation figure, wage growth or 2.5%.

Earlier this month, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Mel Stride, said the government cannot commit to including it in their pledges at the next general election.

Labour urged the Conservatives not to scrap their commitment to the increase this April but has also not promised to maintain it if elected.

Kirsten Oswald, the SNP's women and equalities spokesperson, said: "The UK already has one of the lowest state pensions in Europe, on top of the poor treatment of WASPI women and the threat of the state pension age rising further.

"Other independent countries in Europe comparable to Scotland are fairer and wealthier."


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