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  • Kirsten

Sky News 17th March 2021

I was asked on Sky earlier about the extraordinary plans of the UK Government to increase the number of nuclear warheads - by up to 40% - that are situated on the Clyde. Living just downwind from these weapons is something I know causes significant concern to many people locally.

Aside from being morally outrageous, and no kind of milittary response to any threat we are likely to face now or in the future, the choice which has been made, to fund weapons of mass desrtuction capable of killing millions of people, as opposed to funding the things people actually need -remember the performance needed to get the UK Govt to stump up for school meals - tells us a great deal about the priorities of the Tories.

And it is a stark contrast to the Scottish Parliament, yesterday voting to put our children front and centre, enshrining the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child into Scots Law, just as the UK ramped up the ante on nuclear weapons. I know which priorities are mine. Bairns not bombs every time.


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