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  • Kirsten

Sky News 14th July 2021

Glad to join Sky News before PMQs, and discuss whether the issue of racism was something which ought to be featuring in the questions to the Prime Minister.

Quite rightly, this is what Ian Blackford raised, following the disgraceful online racist abuse hurled at three young England playters. Racism is a blight on society, nowhere is immune, and we all have a responsibiluty to call it out and be actively anti-racist.

Shockingly, when Ian Blackford pointed out that the Prime Minster's own previous comments, which I will not print here because they are grossly offensive and I am sure we all know what he has said, the PM said his comments had been "taken out of context".

There is no context whatsoever in which racism, racist comments, racist social media posts, are okay. And for the PM to say this is utterly despicable. He is a disgrace.


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