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  • Kirsten

Situation in Afghanistan

Thanks to everyone who has been in touch with me sharing their worries about the situation in Afghanistan. I am sure we all share the same concerns, and I am grateful to you for getting in touch. As the time available to secure places on planes leaving Afghanistan draws to a close, these concerns you have shared are all the more pressing.

Along with my team, I am doing what I can to help those seeking support to leave, and the local families with members in Afghanistan who have sought assistance. I joined MPs meeting with the Secretary of State for Defence earlier, for what was a sobering but useful discussion, focussing on practical steps, which my team and I will follow to to try and assist as many people as we can.

I am very mindful of the particular danger faced by marginalised groups on the ground, and have been involved in dialogue surrounging religious minorities, members of the LGBT community, and women in particular.

I have been been part of a group of women MPs, making contact with our collegues in Afghanistan, and I have laid down an Early Day Motion calling for specific action to support women to get out, including those whose high profile in areas including politics makes them obvious targets.

The coming days and hours will go in too quickly, and I sincerely hope as many people as possible are able to secure safe passage before the deadline. The teams working on the ground in the most dangerous and challenging circumstances are doing incredible work, and deserve all our thanks.

We must next turn our attention further towards both the needs of refugees, support for all those who have had to flee, and of course the plight of those in Afghanistan who remain fearful, and worse.


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