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  • Kirsten

Sick and disabled Scots receive up to three times less than those in other small countries

The UK is trailing behind our European neighbours when it comes to the low levels of support Westminster offers to disabled people and workers who get sick or injured.

Only with the full powers of independence can Scotland build a fairer system, with strong protections for disabled people. The social security safety net should be there for all of us in our time of need, and it's a scandal so many are left behind under Westminster control.

The SNP is the only party offering a fairer society with independence - and real help with the cost of living. In contrast, Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer must explain why they back cruel cuts, and a damaging Brexit, that are ripping apart the welfare safety net, slashing household incomes, and taking money away from families during a Westminster-made cost of living crisis.

The UK government must urgently move to tackle poverty and increase the support offered to disabled people - including by introducing an 'essentials guarantee' that benefits will always meet the cost of living, raising sick pay, and matching progressive SNP government policies like the Scottish Child Payment to put money back into people's pockets.

Independence is key to a fairer, healthier and wealthier Scotland. At the next election, voting SNP is the only way to secure independence, tackle the cost of living and escape the damage of Westminster control for good.


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