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  • Kirsten

Scottish Tory silence on cuts to aids budget

Douglas Ross and the Scottish Tories must end their deafening silence on the cuts to the aid budget.

The Tory government's cuts to the aid budget in the middle of a global pandemic is callous to the core, punishing some of the world's poorest and most vulnerable as they face a disproportionate hit from the Covid crisis.

It tells you all you need to know about this Tory government's toxic priorities that as our international partners recognise the challenges and strengthen their aid spending as we prepare for key global summits, the UK is instead pulling up the drawbridge by cutting support and isolating itself further.

With cross-party efforts building, Douglas Ross and the Scottish Tory MPs must end their deafening and shameful silence, and make clear that they will back the amendment to reverse the aid budget cuts.

This is a test of leadership for Douglas Ross. Will he finally find a backbone and vote to restore the aid budget and to protect lives? Or will he and his colleagues simply cower and fall into line behind Boris Johnson as they have done time and time again?


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