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Scottish Government 'Super-Sponsor' Scheme

The Scottish Government ‘super-sponsor’ scheme for Ukraine is now open. If you are seeking refuge from the war, Scotland wants to welcome you - by selecting “Scottish Government” on the UK visa application site at, we hope to offer you a quick & easy route here.

The screenshot below shows the page on which you should select ‘The Scottish Government’. Choosing this option means that you do not have to arrange an individual sponsor before coming to Scotland. We will help you do that once you are here.

When you first arrive in Scotland, we will provide temporary accommodation for you/your family while we put in place all the longer term support you need, including a place to stay. We want Scotland to be a safe, secure home for as long as you need.

If you are an organisation/charity working with Ukrainians needing refuge, please help us spread the word about the Scottish route. We have multi-agency teams working to ensure that accommodation, safeguarding and support - as well as the warmest of welcomes - is provided.

If you live in Scotland and can offer accommodation, PLEASE register your interest through the UK site:

Your details will be shared with the Scottish Government so that we can arrange appropriate matches while we provide immediate support to those arriving.

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