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Scottish Government Covid Update

Scottish Government Covid Update:

  • From Monday 24 Jan, restrictions TO BE LIFTED are:

  • Limits on attendance at indoor public events

  • Requirement for indoor distancing between groups in indoor public places

  • Requirement for table service in hospitality premises serving alcohol

  • Closure of nightclubs

  • Guidance against adults participating in indoor contact sports

  • Guidance asking people to stick to 3 household limit in indoor gatherings

  • Continue to work from home, a more hybrid approach from start of February

  • Face coverings still to be worn in public places

  • Contact details still to be collected as previously

Note on self isolation:

If you test positive, you will be advised to self-isolate for 10 days. However, if you don’t have a fever, and take two negative lateral flow tests - more than 24 hours apart - on day 6 and day 7, you can end self-isolation on day 7.

Change in England's self isolation period (publicised as allowing people to end self-isolation after day 5) brings England’s rules into line with those already in force in Scotland.

This is because in Scotland, we count the day of a positive test as day 1 of isolation - in England, this is counted as day zero. In addition, in England, you can end self-isolation only after day 5. In Scotland, you can end it on day 7.

The period people are actually required to self isolate for is the same in Scotland and England.

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