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  • Kirsten

School library provision

Delighted to spend time today at Westminster with constituent Anne De'Ath, a school librarian, who was here to attend a meeting on the issue of School Library provision. I am very grateful to her for taking the time to meet me.

Last week, although there was a fully costed SNP budget proposal on the table from East Renfrewshire SNP Council Group, which protected the jobs of school librarians and others, the minority Labour administration voted instead for their budget plan which looks to cut these roles.

This is disappointing and unnecessary when there are other costed plans available. I will continue to urge a rethink, and hope that this can be achieved, knowing the difference people working in these roles make to education and wellbeing in our schools.

I am very grateful to Anne and all the others who have been in touch with me on this issue, for taking the time to share their insights into the value of school librarian roles in supporting our children and young people with all their learning.

You can see some coverage of this issue in the @Barrhead News here:


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