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SAAS Applications Open

The Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) is urging students to apply now!

They want to encourage students to submit their applications for fees, bursaries or loans now. This is crucial to ensure funding will be in place for the start of the new term. They would also like to emphasise the importance of submitting the correct documentation and any required evidence to allow them to progress the applications as quickly as possible.

Students do not need to wait for exam results or an unconditional offer before applying. Those details can easily be updated at a later date. It's more important for them to apply now, with the right documents to secure their funding.

Minister for Further Education, Higher Education, Youth Employment and Training Jamie Hepburn, said “The Scottish Government is committed to supporting students on their learner journey by offering the right level of funding. It’s extremely important that students don’t delay and apply now, to ensure they will have funding for the start of their course.”

SAAS Interim Chief Executive, Lauren McNamara explained: “SAAS is open for 2022/23 applications and new and continuing students should apply now. This will guarantee their money will be in place for the start of their course. To make the application process easier, please make sure you have the necessary paperwork ready before you apply. A full list of what you might need in advance is on the SAAS website.”


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