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ROYAL MAIL UPDATE: 21st October 2020

Thanks to Royal Mail for updating me on the situation at their Newton Means sorting office. Some of the team have been unable to attend work because of Covid. This has meant only a partial service over recent days. I hope any of their team who has been unwell is now recovering.

Royal Mail advise me that some staff are due to return tomorrow with more over coming days. In the meantime, those staff who have been working have covered extra runs, so mail will have been slower but should have been going out.

The return of staff should mean the delivery of post will speed up. This is especially important given the number of pressing mail items, including letters about flu jabs. I have impressed on Royal Mail the importance of this kind of mail being delivered as swiftly as possible, and I will keep in touch with them.

If anyone has a particular issue they need me to look into in relation to this, please let me know:


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