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Royal Mail Stamp Competition

Children invited to design Royal Mail stamps to honour heroes of the pandemic:

Royal Mail have been in touch with me to let me know they are launching a design competition for UK schoolchildren to honour heroes, including key workers and others, who have done great things since the start of the pandemic to help the country through a very challenging period.

You can visit for more information and to sign-up for a resource pack.

This competition gives children, aged 4 to 14 years of age, the opportunity to design one of eight special Royal Mail stamps to honour the heroes of the pandemic. As well as NHS and social care staff children may want to illustrate volunteers in their community, refuse collectors, cleaning staff, teachers, supermarket workers, public transport staff, delivery drivers, perhaps even the scientists who created the vaccines. It is entirely their choice.

This is only the fifth time that Royal Mail has held a competition like this, and the first time for non-Christmas stamps. A special panel of judges will determine the eight winning designs from 120 regional finalists.

The competition is now open, and children in East Renfrewshire have until 28th May to submit their entries.


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