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  • Kirsten

Research Into Childhood Cancers

Today, I spoke about the importance of research into Childhood Cancers, and the pressing need for more research funding so as to deliver better treatments, outcomes and options for the children and young people in East Renfrewshire and beyond who are affected by cancer.

I spoke about some young constituents including a lovely young man, Daniel Caplan, who had a Diffuse Midline Glioma, and died aged 17 in 2020, and whose family have continued to fight hard for this vital research.

I also spoke about 2 year old River, who has been the subject of so many emails from kind-hearted residents of Barrhead who have asked me to speak in this debate to support her and her family, as she undergoes treatment for a brain tumour. I know every one of you will join me in sending best wishes to River and her family and friends, and our huge thanks to all those caring for her and other childhood cancer patients.

Ultimately, research and in particular a commitment to an ongoing focus on funding research is key to changing the future for children with cancer, and along with members across the House of Commons, I will keep calling on the UK Government to press forward on this.


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