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  • Kirsten

Reduction in Bus Services in Uplawmoor

Grateful to SPT for meeting with me to discuss my grave concerns regarding the proposed reduction in bus services serving Uplawmoor. I know this is of significant concern to local residents who may have no alternative means of transport, and face being left high and dry.

It was very helpful to be able to set this to to SPT, and they listened to the points I made on behalf of constituents. They emphasised that they want to operate in a way which does meet the needs of the community and I outlined that these changes would not do this.

They will look further - though they emphasised they cannot make sweeping changes - and in particular they committed to looking at the ways they may be better able to align bus and train times for those connecting with train services in Neilston, which would make a difference.

I appreciate their willingness to talk and to listen to feedback. They say they welcome this, and I will continue to provide it on behalf of constituents.


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