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  • Kirsten

RAMH Event

Many thanks to RAMH for asking me to speak at their launch event today, for their new online handbook, which gives details about all the various mental health support services available locally, and in particularly looking at this from the perspective of those caring for loved ones with mental health difficulties.

It was very informative to listen to speakers with caring experience and those working in the field. Key points I took away were the vital importance of those who are caring being able to look after their own wellbeing, the importance of easy to access information about support available, and how critical it is to hear other people's stories so you know you are not alone.

Carers and the team at RAMH have done an exceptional job with putting together the updated online handbook. I know it will be invaluable to many local residents, and to organisations, and teams like mine, who deal with a broad range of people every day.

It is well worth look, and the personal story of one family's experience is important in building understanding. I hope that it is helpful to share this link to the handbook, which I'll also put up on my website.


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