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  • Kirsten

Question Time 19th March 2021

In the week when the UK Government decided to up the number of nuclear warheads by 40%, the first increase since the Cold War, and absolutely at odds with our international obligations, I was pleased to be on Question Time last night and point out that we neither need nor wish these weapons of mass destruction on the Clyde.

Nuclear weapons serve no useful purpose agains the threats we face now or the threats we anticipate facing in the future, and are eye-wateringly expensive. That is before you get into the morality of it all. The UK Government in their Integrated Review plan to deal with some of these concerns simply by deciding they will publish less information about the matter.

There is simply no logical reason for increasing the number of warheads, and it is deeply concerning. It says a great deal - none of it positive - about the choices and priorities of the UK Government.

It's telling that in the same week the UK Government made this dangerous and damaging decision, the SNP Scottish Government elected to enshrine the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child in Scots Law.


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