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  • Kirsten

Pressing the Foreign Secretary on Sanctioning Putin's Supporters

We need to go further and faster on sanctions, including dealing with those at the centre of the Russian political ruling class, who enable Putin.

At an Urgent Question session on the topic of sanctions earlier today, I pressed Liz Truss on what the hold up is in sanctioning members of the Duma, the Senate, Political Council, the top echelons of security and defence, and the public television executives, all of whom directly or indirectly prop up Putin.

We need answers and action on this swiftly, as well as significantly more progress on refugees. As things stand the UK Government is committed only to taking in the immediate family members of Ukrainians living in the UK. Their definition of immediate family is incredibly restrictive, and in any case, we can very clearly see the need to support those fleeing regardless of whether they have immediate family members here. The UK needs to stop shilly-shallying and step up on this, matching the commitments previously made by others including Ireland and the EU.


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