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Press Release: Kirsten Calls for Action to Tackle Poverty in Later Life

Kirsten Oswald, Member of Parliament for East Renfrewshire, is backing the call by campaign group, Independent Age, for UK government action to tackle poverty in later life.

Kirsten is backing the call for action as Independent Age reveals that two in five (40%) of pensioners in Scotland spent at least one year in poverty over the last decade.

The sobering findings show the long-term financial problems facing older people, just as pensioners face rapidly rising living costs, which will tip even more households into financial hardship.

With inflation rising to its highest point in thirty years, and increasing numbers of older people living in poverty, Kirsten has backed Independent Age’s call for the UK Government to take urgent action to tackle poverty in later life.

Kirsten said:

“These figures from Independent Age are truly shocking and show the long-term nature of pensioner poverty and the need for government action now. As inflation takes off, especially the cost of energy, the situation will only get worse.”

“We need immediate action from the Treasury and Department of Work and Pensions, including reinstatement of the pensions’ triple lock, and a campaign to ensure that older people receive the support available to them through measures like

Pension Credit.Morgan Vine, Head of Policy and Influencing, Independent Age, said:

“This new research paints a concerning picture of later life over the last decade. It is unacceptable that two in five people in later life have been forced to spend at least one year in poverty across a nine-year period.

“It is essential the government act now by putting in place a national poverty strategy to prevent more older people entering a damaging cycle of poverty.”


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