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Press Release: Action to embed race equality in schools

Kirsten Oswald, Member of Parliament for East Renfrewshire, has welcomed a package of support materials for teachers and staff which is intended to embed anti-racism and race equality into all aspects of school life.

The resources published by Education Scotland will ensure children and young people see language, content and imagery that reflects the diversity of culture, identities, and experience.

Anti-racism charity, the Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights, has also published guidance and a teacher toolkit to further support teachers in embedding anti-racism across the curriculum.

Kirsten said:

“Racism of any form has no place in our communities which is why it is imperative to embed anti-racism into the ethos and practice of our schools.”

“I welcome this new guidance, which was developed in collaboration with a range of young people, education practitioners, and organisations with lived experience of racism and expertise in addressing it.”

“East Renfrewshire and Scotland are the better for our vibrant diverse communities. It is critical that anti-racism and race equality is central to education and I am glad to see this important progress.”


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